By Gabrielle.

If you only had six words to use, how would you write your life story? That’s task number one for an intense Chicago writing workshop led by Wade Rouse, with only one instruction given: Write as if your parents are dead. (I imagine that frees some people to write more honestly, but I’d rather have both parents with me and write less freely!)

Some of the responses from the assignment: Traveled world, wrote much, lost pen…Love to see my plants bloom…Always on the verge of something…I get writer’s block over six…My heart is where Bob is.

I realize I write blog posts every day, but I still identify more as a designer than a writer — and this exercise intimidates me! I was swimming in my kids over the last 2 weeks while they were on a school break, so my answer today would simply be Ralph, Maude, Olive, Oscar, Betty, June. : )

How about you? Are you invigorated by the challenge? Six words, Friends. Go!

P.S. — Pretend you’re using a golden pencil!