July Picture Books 201507

Photos and text by Gabrielle.

I always love sharing new picture books with you! Here are six that I’ve added to our collection. One is for older kids, and one is for younger kids, and the rest are for the middle kids. As usual, all of these picks are both visually compelling and fun to read.

First up, My Wild Family by Laurent Moreau. This is an oversize picture book and the illustrations caught my eye first. It’s a really beautiful book to look at. As you read, you get introduced to each member of the family — like a strong older brother who is just like an elephant!

July Picture Books 201508July Picture Books 201509

This is a great book for sparking an imaginative conversation. What animal is your child like? What animal are you like?

July Picture Books 201501

Next up, Who Done It? by Olivier Tallec. This one is a charmer, and I’m betting you don’t have anything else like it. It’s a visual whodunnit for preschoolers.

July Picture Books 201503July Picture Books 201502

Each page asks a mysterious question, and your kids will study the illustrations to find the answer. So many cute details! This one is irresistible.

November Books07

Third, we have Imaginary Fred by Eoin Colfer and Oliver Jeffers. At this point, if Oliver Jeffers is involved, I buy the book. Period. He’s so dang good! I’m admittedly less familiar with Eoin Colfer — you may know the name because he’s the author of the Artemis Fowl books (which I have not read). But this is his first picture book and the story is wonderful!

November Books08November Books09

It’s a story of about friendships. How they form and how they change. It’s sweet and satisfying. If your kids are still hunting for a best friend, this is a hopeful story too — their next friend could be just around the corner!

November Books10

Then, it’s Lazy Dave by Jarvis. This is a silly one that will make your kids laugh. Have they ever wondered what the family pet is up to while the kids are away at school each day? Does the dog or the cat just nap all day long?

November Books11November Books12

Well, it turns out some pets have more adventures than others!

November Books04

Here’s one for the very little kids: Big Bear Little Chair by Lizi Boyd. This is another gorgeous book that’s fun to own simply because it’s so pretty. It’s aimed at the very young — think babies and toddlers. It’s a study of opposites: big and little. But the pairs of opposites are not what you expect!

November Books05November Books06

This book also has an unusual format, tall and skinny, and the author/illustrator uses the format to her advantage.

November Books01

Last up, is a new book by two powerhouses: Mo Willems and Tony DiTerlizzi. It’s called The Story of Diva & Flea, and it takes place in Paris. Diva is a pampered dog. Flea is a street cat. It’s a chapter book, but the chapters are not long one and it’s heavy on illustrations — it hits that perfect spot between picture book and chapter book.

November Books02November Books03

Adventures are had as these two make friends, learn from each other, and explore each other’s worlds. And there are little bits of French worked into the text on every page. I know Paris has been on everyone’s minds this week, and reading this with your kids will make them (and you!) want to book a flight to France asap.


Now it’s your turn! Any great picture books you’ve seen lately?

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