By Gabrielle. This post is brought to you by Minted.

I’m confident that most of you already know about Minted’s legendary holiday cards, but less well-known is Minted’s excellent Art Market. It’s easily one of my favorite spots to shop for wall art! And that’s really no surprise, because ultimately, Minted is a design marketplace, connecting all of us with the world’s best artists.

But today, instead of focusing on the art collection overall, I want to tell you specifically about Minted’s Completely Custom Art. Because if you’re searching for a gift that is truly personal, plus endlessly gorgeous, this is where you should start. Have you ever given a gift that made the recipient’s eyes light up? And you know you totally nailed it, you found the perfect thing? (Go you!) Well, a reaction like is pretty much guaranteed if you gift something special from Minted’s Custom Art collection. Here are 6 personalized ideas so you can see what I mean.


Personalized idea one: Let someone know you’re glad they exist. Choose a foil-pressed print of a particular Constellation Print, the one she was born under, so you can celebrate the fact of her existence all year round. Oh. And related, Minted has Birthstone Art as well!


Personalized idea two: Pick out a Foil-Pressed Map that reminds him of a place he loves. The maps are available for all 50 states and certain cities too! You can customize the color, size and frame.


Personalized idea three: Go for a Custom Silhouette. Upload a side-profile picture of your child, your pet or anyone you love, and Minted’s Design Team will turn it into a silhouette art print. You can even have it foil-pressed or letter-pressed, and you can choose lots of colors!


Personalized idea 4: Put her in the picture with Custom Photo Gifts. You could create a treasured keepsake using all of her best Instagram shots. Or focus on one excellent photo, but add a foil-pressed design. And it’s not just prints. There are photo calendars and stationery too!


Personalized idea 5: Turn their house into a work of art with a Custom House Portrait. This one might be my favorite of all these ideas! Wouldn’t it be super cool to have a series of these featuring every house you’ve ever lived in as a family? All it takes is uploading a straight-on photo of your house (or their house), then Minted’s Design Team will convert into a line-drawing. You can include the address and the date they moved in as well.

Related, you can also do this with one of your child’s drawings! That’s right. You can Turn a Drawing into an Art Print!


Personalized idea 6: Give them their Favorite Quote as Artwork, so they can hang it on the wall and see it daily. Think wedding vows, or a favorite poem. It’s hard to get more meaningful than this.

See what I mean? Minted makes it possible to create a completely custom, totally thoughtful gift that you can’t find anywhere else. Something perfect for anyone you’re shopping for. And in case you missed it, I should note, all of Minted’s art is available in a range of sizes and styles, you can switch up the colors, and there are 12 beautiful framing options as well. Custom all the way!

Now I’d love to know, have you ever given what you felt like was a perfect gift? Isn’t it the best feeling? Tell me the story! I always love your stories.