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Text and images by Gabrielle.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve found myself spending less time with my laptop and more time with books. And I’ve been reading some good stuff! It’s making me think. Making me re-consider some of my habits. Influencing my plans for the future. And several titles from people I know and have worked with — which is such a treat!

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Take a peek at what’s on my nightstand this month.

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Minimalist Parenting.
Written by Christine Koh of Boston Mamas and Asha Dornfest of Parenthacks, two of the smartest, kindest women I have the pleasure of knowing. I actually received an advance copy of this book so I could write a blurb about it. Here’s what I said:

Full of clear examples, helpful frameworks, and flat out wisdom from two sincere authors, Minimalist Parenting will help you identify exactly what your family needs are (spoiler: those needs are far more achievable and far less complex than you think), and how to fill those needs. Read this book and you’ll give yourself permission to say no to the activities and habits that are putting a drag on your family, and yes to the options that build a satisfying life. 

If you feel like your life is too busy in an unsatisfying way, I bet this book will help you.

books on my nightstand9

Kinfolk Magazine, Volume 7.
Okay, you’re right, this isn’t a book. But it doesn’t feel like a magazine either. And you’ll want to give it a place of honor on your coffee table.

If you’re unfamiliar with Kinfolk, I encourage you to treat yourself to a copy right away. It’s hard to describe how beautiful these publications are. If you like to imagine yourself winding down with a cup of chamomile, this is the what you are reading in the daydream.

Nathan, the creator of Kinfolk, has been a speaker at Alt Summit and it’s hard to imagine a more talented person.

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Digital Disruption.
This book is by James McQuivey, a Boston-based researcher I’ve known for ages because we share a sister-in-law. It will make you rethink your future plans.

Digital advances mean there is 100 times more innovation happening in the world right now than there was 10 years ago — and James backs that up with statistics and graphs. What does that mean for your business, for your career? A lot. And it’s got me thinking creatively about what’s next.

Fun fact: James actually profiles me on page 33.

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Dare Dream Do.
Written by Whitney Johnson, this book is a kick in the pants for anyone feeling fearful about diving in and starting something. What I like best about it, is that it’s full of real-life stories. True stories. From real women that are making it work, bootstrapping their way to success.

Frankly, reading the stories of brave women is just the best thing ever. If you have a friend who is sitting on her talents, pick this book for your next book club and have her lead the discussion.

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The Honest Life.
Making an effort to live more naturally? Not sure where to start? This book is incredibly helpful. It covers food, household cleaning, even beauty routines! It’s filled with facts that are just scary enough they’ll encourage us to take action and change some of our habits. But it’s approachable at the same time.

We’ve discussed that this topic — going green — can be frustrating. It can feel overwhelming, or like an extreme way to live. But this book helps us see how doable it is. And reminds us why going green important.

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Brooklyn Makers.
What is it about Brooklyn? Something must be in the East River that’s causing the make-it genes of Brooklynites to go into overdrive. So many beautiful things are being created in that borough, that Jennifer Causey decided to document all the making in this book. And it’s a beautiful book — gorgeous photography!

I feel like this would make a good gift for someone who’s considering selling a handmade product, but needs some inspiration to put it out in the world.

books on my nightstand

Now it’s your turn, friends. What’s on your reading list these days?