Oh man! I can’t seem to shake this head cold. It started on Saturday afternoon. Monday was the worst. And (hooray!) I’m feeling a bit better today. Thank goodness I can work in my pajamas. : ) Ben Blair has been such a sweetheart, picking up the slack while I’m functioning through a fog. He’s so good!

I was thinking of when the tables are turned — when he’s having a sick day. I’m the worst! I feel awful that he’s sick and simultaneously irritated that he’s home but unable to help. I think I actually find it easier when he’s out of town. If he’s away from home, I know I can’t expect any help from him. But when he’s home (even if he’s sick), I think I hold on to a tiny bit of hope that he’ll miraculously feel better by the time dinner and bedtime routines come around.

What about you? Would you prefer a sick spouse or a traveling spouse? How do you handle sick days at your house?

P.S. — When I’m sick in the winter, I crave homemade chicken noodle soup. When I’m sick in the summer, all I want is grapefruit! I accidentally cut the one above on the axis instead of equator, but I thought it looked so pretty, I snapped a photo. What do you crave when you’re sick?