I’m fascinated by the story of the Truax family. The couple comes from my hometown, St. George, Utah, which is how I heard about them. They are currently the parents of four, and are in the process of adopting 3 orphaned siblings from the Ukraine, ages 5, 10, and 16!

Apparently, orphans leave the orphanages in the Ukraine around age 16 and are left to their own devices. Without a support system, a huge number end up on the streets. 70% of the boys end up in a life of crime. 60% of the girls end up in prostitution. So the Truax family is anxious to bring these children to their new home as soon as possible.

The idea of adopting older children is so heart-warming to me. Obviously, a 16 year old is not in that stage where they literally need to be fed and diapered just to survive. But she’s still a child, and in great need of direction and a homebase.

Ben Blair and I both have a list of parents, siblings, and cousins that goes for miles. And if anything happened to us, I’m not at all worried our children would end up in government care. But the thought of them being raised separately absolutely breaks my heart! I think that’s why I like this story so much. How amazing that these 3 siblings are finding a new home where they can be together.

Have you ever considered adoption of older children? Or maybe becoming a foster parent? Fun fact: My oldest brother, Jake (#3 above), was adopted into our family when he was 6, just after my parents had their first baby. I think he was was 11 when I was born (I’m #7 in the line-up).

P.S. — Adopting a child is expensive. Adopting 3 is astronomical — as in $68,000. If you feel inclined, you can donate to the Truax adoption fund here. [ Update: I need to clarify that adoption can be FREE! In the US, when adopting from the foster system, most adoption is free and includes support services. ]