Anna sent me a link to this article about Shops in Trucks and I loved it! The topic reminded me of one of the panels at Mom 2.0, where we heard from Pilar Guzman, the Editor-in-Chief of Martha Stewart Living. She mentioned the magazine loved highlighting creative entrepreneurs who had left Corporate America and were pursuing their dreams on tiny farms, in small studios and backyard workshops. And that in the long-standing tradition of entrepreneurs, they had to know everything about their business — how to make the product, but also how to program the website and handle social media too. Very different from cubicle life!

I love stories of entrepreneurs and micro businesses and people pursuing their passion. And I love the idea of little shops on wheels! I’ve eaten at plenty of food trucks, but I don’t think I’ve ever encountered something like a mobile shoe store. Maybe on my next trip to the States! Have you ever seen one? Shopped from one? If you opened a shop on wheels, what would you sell?

P.S. — Pictured here: The Vintage Mobile (it used to be a school bus), Lodekka double decker dress shop, and Wanderlust mobile shop (made from a camper).