Did any of you wear the short-tweed-shorts-with-thick-tights look that was in all the stores through fall and winter? I love the look! (And think Maude rocked it out wonderfully here.)

It looks like this trend translates to short-shorts-with-no-tights for spring and summer. But short shorts just don’t work for me. Frankly, I haven’t worn shorts of any length in years. I find myself in skirts or dresses instead.

Most women I know have a love-hate relationships with shorts, usually loving the shorts but disliking the way their legs look in them. What’s your opinion? Will you be wearing shorts as soon as the weather warms a little more, or will you choose something a little less…short? And how do you prepare your legs for those first few days of exposure? Self-tanner, a few extra strolls around your neighborhood, or leg-lengthening wedged sandals? I’d love to know your tricks!

P.S. — Sequined shorts make me happy whenever they pop up on Pinterest! In real life, though, they’re kind of a rare sight. Too bad.