Kids love to get messy and Mom’s like to keep things clean. Playing with shaving cream is the best of both worlds, getting messy and smelling clean.

For Shaving Cream Creations, we used our handmade placemats that we made for playing with play dough. Placemats work great at keeping the table free from mess and are laminated for easy clean up. By using some type of placemat, you will save your table from any damage and the clean up is a simple wipe up. If you don’t have placemats, a piece of tinfoil, plastic wrap, or a vinyl table cloth would work great.

Any kind of shaving cream will do, even pink flowery cream from the shower. Then squirt a little pile for each child and let them dive in. Once the kids have had their fun making swirls and hand prints, we work on their writing and drawing skills. This activity is great for practicing letters and shapes, or writing their name.

We even added a little food coloring and talked about mixing colors. Use a spoon to stir the food coloring into each shaving cream pile, then the color won’t get all over their hands. We mixed colors to make green, purple, orange, then mixed it all up into a big brown blob.

This is an easy craft to do with your kids. It explores their 5 senses in a fun and messy way. (Just be careful they DON’T use their taste sense on this one!)