Anne with an E? Yes, please! Happy news for Anne of Green Gables fans: There is a new remake of the series and it looks amazing. At least, this trailer looks amazing — the imagery is gorgeous. The new show premiered in Canada last month, andnit will be available on Netflix in the States in May.

Have you seen it by chance? I’m looking forward to it. I’m hoping it’s something we can watch as a family. For some reason, none of my kids have ever gotten into the Anne of Green Gables books, but I LOVED reading them. 

Anne has me thinking about TV & movie remakes and reboots. If you could remake any series or movie, what would you choose? It’s a popular topic at our house. Sometimes we choose a series that we think could be made better. And sometimes we choose a series we love, but that we’d like to see rebooted because we want more of it, and think it would be fun to see a new interpretation.

Three picks on my remake wishlist: The Harry Potter Series, the Ender’s Game Series, and the movie Stargate. Do you remember Stargate? I think the story is compelling, but the movie told it too fast. I would love to see it recreated and split into a 3 part series.

What about you? What shows — TV or movie — would you love to see remade or reborn?