Oriental Trading serves specific useful purposes but is mostly just a sorry load of junk that I find kind of disturbing.
I only save OT catalogs from going straight to the trash when I know I have a birthday party or some other event coming up. So today, I was about to dispose of what I thought was another OT catalog when something on the back cover caught my eye: it was a beads only selection. What the. . .?

I searched it cover to cover and I am converted. I have so been wanting to experiment with jewelry making but keep being intimidated by where to start. I feel like I would need to sit in the bead/craft store for a long time to make comparisons and figure out exactly what I need. Enter Oriental Trading to the rescue. I can browse the catalog a thousand times and be as indecisive as I want.

The 60-page catalog has a pretty amazing selection — fresh water pearls, charms, spacers, glass, stone, wood — and all the hardware and tools you need to put everything together.

See more or request a catalog here.