Every time I pop into a flea market or antique shop, I’m tempted to buy old suitcases. It must be the “Ooh! What’s inside?” reaction I get whenever I see one used cleverly, from craft cases to nightstands and whimsical party decor.

While browsing through Pinterest boards last week, I spotted this medicine cabinet case. My mind is reeling with possibilities: jewelry box, collection cabinet, or the perfect spot to hide a secret candy stash! I may hang one low on the wall in Betty and Oscar’s room, and just watch it turn into a treasure chest.

Are vintage suitcases your second-hand weakness, too? What else do you love to buy at — to borrow a phrase from Jane Foster — car boot sales?

UPDATE: Turns out Love Nostalgic Whimsy converted (and sold) this lovely suitcase. But she has more!

P.S. — I found the cutest little stools at a vide grenier last weekend. Remind me to share pics!