Do you eat seasonally?

By Raleigh-Elizabeth. Images by Christian Hammar for Lux Stockholm.

Let me tell you how serious I am about seasonal cooking: at Christmas, I make gingermen. To welcome Spring, I recently made a chilled cucumber and dill soup. (With yogurt and goat cheese, it was perfectly delicious.) All summer long, our zoku maker lives in the freezer. During the fall, the kitchen invariably smells like squash. And that, augmented by whatever my local farmer’s market sells, is my idea of seasonal fare.

We can all understand why I don’t own a fancy restaurant in Sweden.

Luckily, there’s Lux Stockholm. Reputedly one of Stockholm’s most luxurious food stops, Lux is also committed to serving fresh food made only with local ingredients at their seasonal peak. And when it comes to seasons, they count sixteen. Not four.

Do you eat seasonally?

To illustrate their hyper-seasonal concept menu, Lux has teamed up with London-based art director Christian Hammar to visualize the seasonal fare.

The photos are gorgeous, and I admit to loving the idea of eating hyper-seasonally. Right now, Lux is welcoming Spring with a salivating menu of oysters, veal with fried leeks and rhubarb, haddock with cucumber dressing and trout caviar, and garden chocolates that will get your mouth watering. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the season, especially if there are fifteen more just like it.

Do you eat seasonally?

As far as hyper-seasonal goes, the closest I come is eating my way through the holidays. Between Thanksgiving and December first alone, I indulge in pumpkin pie season, turkey leftover season, I’m never eating turkey again season, and isn’t it time for Christmas cookies already season. My summer seasons mostly revolve around waiting for the summer squash to finally arrive and Jenni’s ice cream flavors.

Lux’s menu has me thinking a little more critically about seasons, though, and how to make the best of local products at their peak.

Do you try to eat seasonally? Do you let the produce section or farmer’s inspire you, or are you also counting down the days until the summer squash and all the other seasonal favorites hit the shelves?