Are you a budding screenwriter? Do you have a screenplay hidden away in your desk drawer? Watch this:

To recap:
– Send a screenplay to
– The screenplay can be up to 3 minutes long. (You can read it out loud to check the timing.)
– All ages are welcome. Ralph would love to see entries from your kids!
– Ralph will pick 5 screenplays and make 5 movies using only props he has access to in our house.
– Ralph will post all 5 movies on Youtube and you will get a chance to vote for your favorite.
– The screenplay writer of the video with the most votes will win a $100 Amazon gift card. Woot!
– Screenplays are due one week from today: April 27, 2011.

P.S. — At your suggestion, Ben Blair and I have been brainstorming ways to give our kids more space on this blog. We’ve discussed different columns they might like to write and will be experimenting here and watching for feedback. For the first effort, we thought this contest would be fun for you and your kids. Watch for a DIY post from Mimi coming shortly. Let us know what you think!

P.P.S. — A big thanks to the barber shop at Intermarché for letting us film during Ralph’s haircut. (Ralph’s brilliant idea, by the way.)