turkey wrap with berries and cucumbers

By Gabrielle. Photo by Lindsey Johnson for Design Mom.

How do you handle lunchtime now that school is back in session?

Do your kids pack their own lunches? Do you pack lunches for them? Or do they eat school lunch? (For older kids, maybe they eat off-campus?) Our routines change every year, and sometimes throughout the year. We’ve been in school 2 weeks so far, and the current routine is Mom or Dad or an older sibling makes June (1st grade) her lunch. Betty and Oscar (5th grade and 6th grade) make their own lunches. Olive and Maude (freshman and senior) either make their own lunch, or bring cash to buy something on campus (they have a closed campus and aren’t allowed to leave for lunch).

Last year was similar, but by the end, Oscar and Betty were buying school lunch once in awhile. Our elementary cafeteria isn’t gourmet, but the kids were definitely delighted when our school introduced a big salad bar. A good improvement! What is the cafeteria like at your school? Would it make a best or worst of list?

P.S. — For those packing lunches, I wanted to point you to our Lunch Box Series. It’s a month’s worth of kid-friendly menus, each one different and delicious. A little inspiration to get you going on slow mornings!