This is Ralph after dunking his head in the ice cold river over the weekend. Can you see the water droplets on his face? I love this shot!

We had such a great visit to Rocky Mountain National Park. We hiked up to Alberta Falls. And we played in the Fall River when we found a perfect spot for jumping from rock to rock. We hoped to stay at the Stanley Hotel (the one from the Shining — they even offer ghost tours!), but it was completely booked. So we stayed at a new condo that overlooked the hotel. There was a hot tub on the porch where we could hang out and observe the hotel and wonder if anyone was getting spooked.

The drive to the park is less than 2 hours from our house, so we’re planning to return often. What about you? How was your weekend?

P.S. — Ben Blair started the whole head dunking thing (Ralph, Maude and Olive joined him):