What do you do when a major snowstorm arrives in the middle of Spring Break and the kids are about to go stir-crazy? Raid your rainy day closet and pull out the assemble-yourself-rocket-ship. That’s what.

Kidscraft Playhouses sent me the rocket ship a few weeks ago and we’ve been waiting for the perfect time to use it. Well. The perfect time arrived and this cardboard playhouse turned out to be the perfect activity. We don’t really have a rainy day closet, but if we did, this is the sort of thing it would be stocked with. It works for a wide variety of ages, and it’s one of those activities that can go for days and weeks — we decorate it for awhile, then we play inside it for awhile, then we move it to another room and play with it some more, then we come back to it with markers again the next morning. Part art project. Part fort. A great place to have an indoor picnic or hideout and read a book. Eventually, it becomes part of the playroom furnishings for as long as it holds up. Which will be quite some time based on the quality of the (fully recycled and recyclable) cardboard.

You know where else this would be smart? At a birthday party. You could plan the entire event around an activity like this.

What are your favorite rainy day activities?