Speaking of vintage cars, I was catching up on a past issue of Vogue when I read about Yasmin Le Bon’s vintage car road rally, It’s All About the Girls. For four days, 20 pairs of women toured through Tuscany and the Chianti region, stopping whenever they wished and enjoying delicious meals along the way. Traditional and male-dominated road rallies are much more grueling endeavors with high speeds, winners and losers, break-downs and blown tires, and presumably very few stops. I think Mrs. Le Bon has the right idea.

Have you ever taken an all-girls’ road trip where the destination was far less important than the drive itself? This concept intrigues me so much! Some of the most inspired ideas are ignited during long, scenery-rich car drives. There’s also the brilliant female-bonding aspect, and not one tiny voice from the backseat asking if we’re there yet! Plus, I think rally is a pretty rad term in all of its definitions.

What do you think? If you could steal away with your friends, sisters, and moms, would you hit the road or does the very thought drive you mad?

Glam road trip by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello via Wolf and Willow.