River LunaRiver Luna
River Luna

By Koseli.

I’ve always loved the featured artists on the Etsy blog, but the recent feature on painter Marisa Redondo was something I had to share.

I had never seen her shop before the interview, but felt inspired by her thoughtful, straightforward interview. I especially loved what she said about her creative process in relation to her son:

I’ve always had a great love and appreciation for nature, but I found it even more inspiring after having my son. His fascination with the earth made me look closer at the little pieces of life that often go unnoticed. I fell in love with the fine lines of feathers, dandelions, leaves and wood grain.

Children do inspire greater attention to the small but beautiful things surrounding us.

River Luna

Marisa also says that sometimes painting feels like the most accurate form of communication for her. Isn’t that beautiful? I often feel that way about the quiet, writing, or exploring nature. I know several people that feel that way about mathematics or poetry.

What is your most accurate form of communication? Isn’t Marisa’s shop of watercolored prints beautiful?