I have a soft spot for projects that spring up between friends who’ve found each other online. (Like Kirtsy!) Alix and Jenny have known each other for ten years, but have never lived in the same state. Still, that doesn’t stop them from working together!

Retro Rainbow is their weekly correspondence in color, and a super inventive way to keep connected creatively. They simply select a shade, and then shop their own vintage treasures on a hunt for everything that falls within the hue, sharing their collections weekly on each other’s blogs. Modern day pen pals. I love it!

Miss Wonderful above is one of Jenny’s aqua belongings, while Alix found a piece of aqua that shimmers.

Jenny’s big pink letter B!

And Alix’s French Delight Space Age pink panties! Out of this world!

Isn’t the internet a lovely place to invent new ways to be creative? Tell me: Have you met a friend online who has turned into an inspirational partner? One who can persuade you to try new things and take longer leaps than anyone else? I’d love to hear your stories!