By Gabrielle. Images via Remodelista.

I’m hoping your homes and dinner tables – and bellies! – were as full as you wished all weekend. I don’t know about you, but holidays always make me miss my family and friends who aren’t next to me to share a memory or pass the potatoes.I’m lucky to have enough Blairs to fill a table or two, no matter the occasion, and for that I’m forever grateful.

Speaking of tables…would you ever invite strangers to eat at yours? One couple in New York does just that, once every month on the fourth Saturday. They call it Neighbor, and describe it like this: “There’s something about opening up your home for a meal that makes people fast friends. People offer to help us cook. They ask if they can help do dishes. They stay talking with us hours after the meal is done. Being that friendly and open, especially in a city like New York where people don’t usually hang out in their homes, makes people feel welcome.”

I love it when traditional concepts experience a shake-up. And I feel like I know so many people who secretly wish they could open up their own restaurants but are scared to death of the very idea. This could be a fulfilling alternative, don’t you think? Or maybe you’re thinking more along the lines of “Wow. This sounds dangerous!”

P.S. – I think my sister is the queen of pop-up dinner parties!