Over the holiday break, a post from my friend Damaris showed up in my Facebook feed. She said, “I asked a group of friends what their New Year’s resolution was and one friend quickly said “watch more movies.” This is a friend who emanates fun and is so good at enjoying life. She inspires me always. So now I’m thinking about a new year’s resolution that is focused on doing more of what I love.”

Watch more movies. A resolution to watch more movies!!!

Don’t laugh at me, but this was basically mind-blowing to my very practical, goal-oriented brain.

I love resolutions, goals, mission statements, vision boards, planners, to-do lists. All that stuff. And it doesn’t generally stress me if I don’t achieve all the stated goals. I just enjoy feeling like I’m aimed in the right direction.

But I swear, it has never occurred to me to make goals for things I already love doing and would enjoy doing more. A goal to watch more movies? That’s brilliant! What if my New Year Resolutions included one or more of these things I already enjoy: Eat more Rootbeer Floats. Listen to more Phoenix. Sleep in more often. Go to more art museums. Have sex more often. Read more novels. Have more long conversations with good friends.

Wouldn’t that be lovely? I’m smiling just thinking about it.

How about you? Do you make goals in January? Do you make one specific resolution? Or many? Are they serious? Practical? Fun? Silly? What’s on your list this year? And if you could add more of something you love to your life — not a new skill, or a life accomplishment, but more of something you already do — what would it be?