I love small businesses! Every single day, I get dozens of emails from entrepreneurs. They tell me their stories, share their products and exchange ideas with me. It makes me happy to read their emails — there’s such a neat energy surrounding people who are building and creating.

Small businesses are a part of my earliest memories. My father taught 5th grade at our local public school, but in his spare time he was always starting businesses. A few of the many he attempted: He started a restaurant called Hungry Hut. He built a custom picture framing studio in our basement. And he started a long-running community newspaper for senior citizens.

I’m pretty sure me and my siblings (see the whole family above — don’t miss #10!) inherited his entrepreneurial genes — we’ve all started businesses. Snowcones, language classes, a triathlon, a magnet business… and many more. Some failed, some succeeded. As for this blog, Design Mom is one of several businesses I’ve attempted — and funnily enough, it started as a hobby. I didn’t realize it was even going to turn into a business. : )

My father died over a decade ago, long before I’d ever even heard of blogging. But I think he would be proud of the company I’m building. Yay for small businesses!

How about you? Do you have the entrepreneur gene or the entrepreneur bug? Do you dream of owning a storefront or launching a website?