Exciting news!! Some of you may remember the rad screenplay contest Ralph launched in April. He received so many fun scripts from kids of all ages, and had a wonderful time reading through them and picking 5 to turn into movies. Part of Ralph’s challenge: he had no budget for these and could only use props he already had at home. Ralph’s work is done, and now it’s your turn to join in the fun. The final 5 videos are below. We hope you’ll watch them and vote for your favorite. The lucky winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card! The winner will be announced here next Wednesday.

Ralph spent the better part of his summer vacation shooting and editing these movies. He says, “This was my first time working with someone else’s screenplays. It was harder than I thought, but it was also nice to experiment with different genres — I had scripts from young kids, kids my age, even parents — and I was able to film content I would never have thought of myself. I’d like to thank everybody who sent in a screenplay and I hope you enjoy the videos!”

1) Ninjello – Screenplay by Devin and Connor Mcrate.


2) Newman: Agent Unidentified – Screenplay by Hannah Lea, Monica Smith and Faith Fyles.


3) Fire Twins – Screenplay by Jake.


4) Talent Quest – Screenplay by Darby Smith.


5) Mary Rainbow – Screenplay by Barbara Weaver (age 5).


P.S. — Ralph also wants to acknowledge two Runner’s Up: Madelin Richins and Aubrey Maygar. Find more of Ralph’s videos on his YouTube channel.


UPDATE: Darby Smith, screenplay writer of Talent Quest, is the lucky winner! His prize will be emailed to him. Thanks for playing!