Flip camera and boy Ralph Blair

Do we encourage Ralph to use technology to develop his producing/directing interests?

The short answer: Yes.

The long answer: In case you didn’t notice the five thousand times I’ve mentioned it, Ralph is way into film. Seriously. He is deeply interested in everything about it. He finds out about every major movie in production. What the basic story line is. What the rating is. What the reviews are projected to be. He studies the actors and actresses and learns about other roles they’ve played. If we’re watching a movie with Ralph and mention a funny line or a beautiful shot, he immediately looks up who wrote the line or art directed the scene. He’s been passionate about film for several years now, and we do our best to encourage him and help him develop his talents. Technology plays a big role. Here are three examples:

1) We let him open a YouTube Account when he turned 13 — you can find Ralph’s YouTube page here). He tries to post a new movie or movie review vlog that he’s made every couple of weeks. My favorite so far is Lemonade Stand. (We also let him open a Facebook account when he turned 13 and he uses it to promote his movies. Such a great way for a budding artist to get immediate positive feedback.)

2) We make sure he has access to movie editing software. He mostly uses iMovie, but has also worked on Final Cut Pro. There are lots of different options available, but I can vouch for both of these.

3) He received a green screen in his stocking. It’s not really a green screen, it’s just six yards of the least expensive cotton broadcloth Santa could find. But Ralph’s already had a great time experimenting with it. You can see his first published green screen movie here. I love Oscar’s first line: Let’s let the bravest ones go first!

What about you? Do your kids have interests that depend on technology? Do you encourage them to use technology or do you prefer a low-tech approach?