Hallmark Love Card

Are you feeling the February-holiday-lovely-dovey vibes? I totally am. I’m a fan of Valentine’s Day. I’ve heard it’s a made up holiday, but I don’t mind that a bit. And I also don’t focus on only romantic love on Valentine’s Day. I think it’s fun to have a calendar day dedicated to telling the people in your life why you love them, and February 14th seems like a great date to make that happen.

This year for Valentine’s Day, I’m working on a really fun collaboration with Hallmark. Each day for 10 days, I’m sharing images, stories and videos on Instagram to encourage people to Put Their Heart To Paper and express their love to someone (or someones!). I started on Monday and will continue till the 11th (and there will be an awesome giveaway as well!). You can follow along on my Instagram here, or check out the #putyourhearttopaper hashtag.

My favorite part of this campaign are the sweet videos Hallmark made for this celebration. They videotaped one person talking about why he or she loves another person, then have them both watch the footage together. It’s adorable as can be! Here’s one of my favorites:

You can see them all on Youtube here. And I hope you get a chance to put YOUR heart to paper this year!