All images by Ben Blair.

Last night, Ben Blair and I went to The Beauty Bar to watch the Project Runway Finale with Mondo. It was just us, Mondo and 500 other people. We had an amazing time!

The crowd was fantastic. Lots of people dressed like Mondo in solidarity — short shorts, suspenders, mustaches and knee socks. The entire building was completely shocked when Running Through Thunder won. (What???)

But Mondo comforted us at the end with some sweet words. Which Ben Blair recorded. And which we’re trying to figure out how to get uploaded… [Hooray! Ben Blair and Ralph made a movie so you can hear Mondo’s speech.]

The picture above shows Mondo’s mother wearing a sparkly Team Mondo tee. Isn’t it cute? Mondo was a total sweetheart and let me get a photo with him. Can we talk about how photogenic he is? He absolutely glows:

Michael Costello flew out to watch the finale with Mondo.

Mondo’s knee socks.

Mondo was super nice. He posed for photos with anyone who asked (and there were a lot of askers!). He made eye contact with each person who approached him and thanked them for coming. What a great guy!

The Beauty Bar was decorated with cobwebs for Halloween and polka dot balloons for Mondo.

Ben Blair set up camp right next to Mondo with our camera and shot photos all night. Some of the shots are great, some are super blurry. Wouldn’t it be cool if we actually knew how to use our camera?

I like to assume Michael C is texting obnoxious things to Ivy. But he’s probably too nice.

By the time we arrived — just as the show was starting — there was a long line outside The Beauty Bar. So we went to the back door and checked in as press. The back door entry led us straight to where Mondo was sitting, so that was awesome.

This is Mondo, sharing a few words at the end of the night. We love you Mondo!!