Irene, 30 weeks pregnant and her son, Lode.

Congratulations Gabrielle with this very good news. Of course I wish you a wonderful pregnancy. Not too long ago I was pregnant myself and I remember clearly how thankful (and relieved) I was every time I came back from my gynocologist knowing the baby was doing great — although I kept worrying even though he had told me everything was fine.

Yes, I’m the kind of mom who worries (and is in a panicky state) the entire 9 months. Caught between this amazing feeling of carrying a child inside of me and fear of the worst things that could happen to my baby. So basically for better or for worse I spend most of these 9 months in a sort of twilight zone. Very happy and very scared. I mean BIG time scared — will everything be okay? is it normal to feel like this? is my belly too small? — people asking me in week 30 whether I’m in my first trimester certainly doesn’t help : ) And having had 3 miscarriages before didn’t help either.

But I guess I am rather persistent and my wish to have a family is much bigger than my fear. So a new healthy baby boy arrived in our family. (Our second son. Men rule the house now — or at least that is what they think. 1:3 ratio. A walk in the park for any mom. And all 3 of them worship me (smile).) Looking back now I can only think of the special feeling I had knowing life was growing inside of me. It truly is the most spectacular feeling and I’m utterly amazed how this is even possible. Yeah, us women know how to create life (with a little help) and we should be so proud of this!

Living in Malaysia made my pregnancy much easier compared to living in the Netherlands, this might seem strange to you, because the Dutch healthcare system is pretty sophisticated, but when it comes down to pregnancies the Dutch tend to be behind the curve it seems. I admit, pregnancy is a natural thing, but to do away with regular check-ups, ultrasounds, painkillers and the almost enforced home deliveries (that is, if you don’t deliver at home there must be something wrong with your attitude) — just not my cup of tea I think. Nope. I’d rather be in a safe environment and oh boy was I right.

My second boy was born via a c-section because on one of the ultrasounds the doctor noticed the cord was strangled around his neck and didn’t want to take any risks, so at 36 weeks + 4 days the c-section was planned and when he was born we discovered the little Houdini had wrapped the cord around his neck 7 times. Seven times! With no regular ultrasounds after 20 weeks in the Netherlands I don’t think anyone would have noticed and if they had I sincerely doubt whether they would never have delivered him so early.

I can’t even begin to think of the possible consequences, so here’s my big thank you for the fantastic doctors in Malaysia!! And for all of you who are pregnant I can only say ENJOY, enjoy. And for all of you who would like to get pregnant and have difficulties, don’t give up. It took me and my husband 8 years as well and the wait was definitely worth it. No fear!

From Irene of BloesemKids.