What a strange day. It was stormy and windy and power was out for ages.

Here’s what happened: I was scheduled to do some video projects, so I asked Rubi of She Let’s Her Hair Down, to take the train from Paris and help me get all styled up this morning. (Doing my hair has never been my strong suit.) Rubi started by using the curling iron on the back of my hair, and about 10 minutes in, the power went out, with no signs of coming back on and the storm getting stronger all the time.

So what did we do? We rallied our inner pioneers, built a fire in the fireplace and tried to heat the curling iron by hand!

Friends. Do not try this. Big fail.

Next, we drove to my friend Caroline’s house so we could borrow her electricity and finish my hair. And here’s the best part: I’m not sure my hair even made any appearances in today’s shoot. Hah!

But I’ve got power (and internet!!!) again, and I have some great posts for you today. So check back, because I’ll be posting over the next few hours. And that includes a Love the Place You Live linkup! Watch for it.

P.S. — I was looking up antique curling irons to see if I could find a photo for this post and found the image at top. What in the world is that crazy contraption? Is it for real?