Get your whole family to eat up with colorfully plated dinners!

By Raleigh-Elizabeth.

How do you plate your dinner? Does everyone sit down to a family-style meal, or do you customize each plate individually?

At our house, there’s no easy answer. Every meal is different. While I’m the one focusing on the healthy eating plate and making sure we have an adequate portion of vegetables and whole grains, my husband is in it for the design. After a few years of carefully arranged plates with artistically swooshed sauces, I’ve started thinking about presentation, too.

And not in a “plate like a pro” sense. (Let’s be realistic. It’s dinner on a Thursday night. Getting dinner on the table is its own success.) But in a “we all might be more tempted to eat these brussel sprouts if they look super appetizing” way.

It turns out, that’s exactly what the science supports. Kids are apparently a lot more likely to eat what’s in front of them if it’s colorful and artfully arranged. And who can blame them? Adults like a nicely plated meal, too! With some helpful nutrition tips, a laundry list of colorful foods, and a plating guide for the rest of us, we can all enjoy a better dinner. And that’s everyday art we can all eat up.

Tell me: How do you get everyone to eat at dinnertime? Do you tempt your children with sandwiches cut in the shapes of dinosaurs or peas rolled into a heart? Or does everyone just eat up?

P.S. — Delicious mexican haystack from Whole & Free. It’s nutritious and colorful! No wonder I’m drooling.