When Lorena of Petit Collage found out what we’d named our baby, she sent out the sweetest gift. Apparently, when she was pregnant with her daughter Matilda, her name was going to be Flora, and Lorena created this artwork for her thank you cards. Matilda ended up with her Grandma’s name instead (I heart the name Matilda), but the name Flora and this print are still dear to Lorena’s heart and she wanted our Flora June to have it.

Isn’t that the loveliest thing ever? We adore the Pinwheel Girl print and think it will be perfect hanging near June’s crib.

P.S. — Can you believe how fast June is growing? Here she is at 4 weeks old. She was drowning in this pink romper just a few days before and now it fits perfectly. I’m so happy for a healthy growing baby. And so sad she won’t be tiny forever. Sigh.