Ralph received this book for his birthday last month. It teaches you how to make a pinhole camera from almost anything! Like an Altoid tin:

At the back of the book, you can see sample images taken with pinhole cameras:

Poor Ralph. He’s hardly had 2 seconds to look at the book because I keep “borrowing” it. I want to make one! I’m thinking it could be a cool project for one of my kids to make as a Christmas gift for another sibling.

I love that as the world gets more technological, there are people teaching and preserving low-tech forms of art and communication. How about you? Do you have any low-tech leanings?

P.S. — I’m pretty sure we made pinhole cameras in Mrs. Bundy’s 4th grade class. Or it might have been special boxes to view an eclipse. There were definitely boxes and pinholes involved. : )