Just always be waiting for me. -J.M. Barrie

By Carter.

These heartwrenching (or heartwarming!) words come in the final chapter of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, where the Wendy in the nightgown has grown into the Wendy in the wedding gown. Although she was happy to grow up, she wonders aloud to her daughter Jane if her days of flying and adventuring were real. Sweet Jane insists on knowing Peter’s final words to Wendy, and this is what he said.

Wendy waited. She became a mother, and she waited. She waited, and she wondered. And he did come back for her – Peter, that rapscallion boy.

This print is available in Emily’s shop, perfect for celebrating the most timeless of friendships. Can’t you picture Wendy, staring at that bright moon, waiting for her dear friend? 

P.S. — This series — illustrated quotes from children’s books — is a collaboration between Emily McDowell and myself. You can find the whole series here.