By Gabrielle. Seasonal Fruit poster from Chasing Delicious.

Something light to start your week! Persimmons were heroes in my Thanksgiving arrangements this year, I must have used about a dozen. But I was embarrassed when I realized I’ve never actually tasted one. Maybe I’ve had a bit mixed into a salad and I didn’t know it, but I’ve never intentionally sliced one myself and taken a bite.

I’m not totally sure why, but the realization caught me a bit off guard. I expect taste surprises when I’m traveling, but I guess I assume that as I walk through the produce department of my local grocery store, I’ve tasted everything they have to offer. No doubt that’s way off. I’ll bet if I was to pay more attention on my next visit, I’d realize there are dozens of commonly available veggies and fruits that I have yet to “discover”.

Have you experienced any new tastes lately? If yes, what was it and how did you like it? And do you have an opinion on persimmons? My kids describe them as a mix between an apple and a tomato.

P.S. — Realizing my lack of persimmon tasting reminded me of Maggie’s goal to taste a thousand fruits.