Okay you guys, I am totally fascinated with this article all about Gluten and Sourdough and Heirloom Wheat. I keep reading parts aloud to Ben Blair. It’s in the latest issue of Whole Living (which is one of my favorite magazines these days. Do you subscribe?) and it’s written by Todd Openheimer.

Part of the article profiled the husband + wife team that runs the famous Tartine bakery in San Francisco (it’s one of my sister’s favorite spots). The wife (a pastry chef) has developed a gluten intolerance and can’t even test her own creations, or eat her husband’s bread any more! But they’ve found an interesting workaround.

At our house, we haven’t had any gluten or bread allergies/reactions but I feel like it’s happening to many of my dear friends, so it’s been on my mind. I hope you read it and tell me what you think. Do you have gluten or bread struggles at your house? Was anything in the article news to you?

image by Tartine Bakery