Oscar Blair

Image and text by Gabrielle.

The weekend was wonderful, crazy weather and all! Oscar was baptized in the river down the street. It was a truly joyful gathering, and remembering it makes me happy.

We cleared out the studio to make space for 50 people — family, neighbors, friends from town, and the few members of our tiny Mormon congregation. We had a little program, then the whole group put on coats and walked down to the river. It felt like a parade! Oscar and Ben Blair led the way, all wrapped up in white bathrobes.

At the river, a few of us walked down to the edge of the water, while most people watched from the bridge at road level. The water was cold! But happily, the baptism was short. : ) When Oscar climbed out of the water, everyone cheered!

Then we all walked back to the house and while Oscar suited up, our guests watched a little video that Ben and Ralph had made a few days before, featuring Oscar talking about faith and baptism and confirmation. I snapped the photo above when he was dressed and ready to rejoin our guests.

After the video, Oscar was confirmed and then we all enjoyed gouter (which means afternoon refreshments) in the kitchen. My friend Caroline helped me arrange the food — hundreds of tiny versions of all my favorites from this bakery. Heavenly!

It really was a wonderful day of family and friends. Ben Blair and I stayed up late that night going over the details of the day and grinning. If you’d like, you can see lots of photos of the gathering on Instagram.

P.S. — Yes, everything was in French. The songs, the prayers, the program, the baptism, the video. The whole thing!