Last evening we made Valentines for the school parties today. Maude used a stack of origami paper and figured out how to make origami heart pockets and folded one for each of her classmates (those are her busy-marker-covered-fingers). She included two wint-o-green life savers in the heart (oh my goodness I love wint-o-green life savers) and stapled the heart closed.

It took us awhile to come up with something cool enough for a 4th grade boy to take to school on Valentine’s Day, but we were very satisfied with our solution:

We picked up a pad of Mad Libs. I exacto-knifed them out of their stack and Ralph folded and slipped one sheet into each envelope. Then we printed out sheets of red that said: “I’m MAD about you Valentine!” “LIB it up this Valentine’s Day!” and “Have a RAD MAD Valentine’s Day”.

Ralph cut out the text with fancy scissors and we used double sided tape to attach them to the envelopes. He was very excited to hand these out — he thought his teacher would appreciate the nouns and verbs and adjectives aspect.

Happy Valentine’s Day to You! I hope you get the chance to do something nice today for someone you’re fond of.

P.S. — More classmates valentine ideas.