The last load of laundry is in the dryer, ready to be packed. We head to JFK in a couple of hours. Whoo Hoo! I’m using all powers available to me (prayer, meditation, positive thinking, candy) to psych up for this day of travel. : ) As you might remember from an earlier post, I’ll be spending the next few days in San Francisco at the BlogHer conference. And then I’ll meet up with Ben and the kiddies in Salt Lake City on Sunday.

I’m super excited for my San Fran visit. I can’t wait to hang out with Jordan and Paul and Mighty Moses. See their new apartment. Walk around the city. Eat out. Window shop. Scheme about our blogs. Party with my kirtsy gals. See old and new friends.

These are the things it was especially fun to pack up for the conference:

Two new dresses from Shabby Apple. The Cleopatra and The Marseilles. Cute right?

My brand new iPhone. It is a thing of beauty. Since I don’t use a laptop, I’m hoping this lovely little piece of technology will satisfy my internet cravings while I’m away from my desk.

I’m sure those of you traveling to BlogHer this year are packing up similarly fun items — and feeling the thinness of your pocketbooks as well. There’s no denying traveling to a conference is expensive. Registration, airfare, wardrobe updates. 
Have a great weekend — I’ll miss you! I’ll be back with a report on Monday. If you’re heading to San Francisco, please do say Hello!