Online Shopping for Plants with The Sill featured by popular lifestyle blogger Design Mom

Talk to me about plants. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the more-plants-more-plants trend started a several years ago, and is only getting stronger. Sometimes, it seems like almost every interior design picture I pin is chock full of plants.

Me? I’m totally on board and have dozens of plants in my house. I use them to solve decorating problems in every single room. Not sure what to put in that empty spot? A plant will be perfect! Don’t have enough wall space to add art? Add plants instead! Need to layer more texture into a space? Plants are so good at that!

They’re just so flexible, you know? They come in every size — from teeny tiny to towering. They’re way more affordable than furniture. And they clean your air. What’s not to love?

But I know they stress some people out. They need attention and upkeep. They can do a number on wood surfaces — floors, benches, dressers. And it’s hard to bring a living thing to your home, love it, and then see it get sick and die. (Sad face.)

I tend to pick up plants whenever I’m running errands and something catches my eye. But I just heard about a new online option, and I’m digging it. Have you heard of The Sill? I really like what I see going on. They offer collections like Easy for Beginners, Pet-Friendly, and Low-Light. The product photos make it easy to see exactly what I’m buying. I think the prices are very reasonable. And apparently, they guarantee their plants for up to a year.

Here are nine I immediately put on my wishlist from The Sill:

Online Shopping for Plants with The Sill featured by popular lifestyle blogger Design Mom

1) Bird’s Nest Fern — I love the texture of this one.
2) Snake Plant Zeylanica — perfect for adding height.
3) Marimo “Moss” Ball — I have never heard of a moss ball and now I want twenty.
4) Peperomia Rosso — How do you feel about plants with color?
5) Calathea Medallion — This one looks so thick and full. It would add good weight to a space.
6) ZZ Plant — Apparently these are really easy to maintain.
7) Aloe Vera — Such a useful plant.
8) Pilea Peperomioides — This one has a Dr. Suess vibe going on.
9) Norfolk Island Pine — A little pine? Yes, please!

And here are some indoor planters I’ve been crushing on too (from Amazon):

Online Shopping for Plants with The Sill featured by popular lifestyle blogger Design Mom

1) Gold Geometric Stand — I love how the plant sits up high. $17
2) Round Fluted Pot — I love the architecture of this one.
3) Unglazed Cement Pots — I love this look. Comes in a set of two.
4) Ceramic with Gold Details — So pretty. Set of two for $30.
5) Sweet Bunny — Come on. It’s irresistible.
6) Sunset Planter with Gold Tray — Trays are so helpful for watering. $18
7) Ceramic with Iron Stand — In four sizes!
8)Vintage Style Hobnail Planter Jars — This set of two comes in green as well.
9) Ceramic with Smudge Pattern — Only $11!

What’s your take on the plant trend? Are you into it? Do you like the look, but not the maintenance? What do you do with your plants when you travel? I noticed a line on the Sill website that said: There is no such thing as a green thumb. Plants take practice — just like anything else. Do you agree? Have you ever bought plants online? Have you bought plants from The Sill? (I haven’t and now I’m curious to try.) If yes, do you have favorite online plant sources? Please share!

P.S. — My favorite watering can. (Pictured at top.)