One Holiday Entry, Three Ways - see the same space, transformed for the holidays, in 3 different styles.

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I’m so excited to share this project with you! I worked with Pier 1 to create a video showing how to put together a holiday entry in three totally different styles. This project was so much fun! And the video is pretty darn adorable if I do say so myself. (Watch for the hedgehog!)

Do you have a particular holiday style? There are so many different things I like, so I’m the kind of person that seems to change it up every few years. Sometimes I go for a homemade feel, other times it’s more glamorous — in France, I worked in some French Industrial touches. And there are years when I crave the colors and style of my own childhood holidays.

In the video, I share 3 distinct styles, and I’m so curious which one appeals to you most! First, I show a theme I’m calling Natural Holiday. Then, I focus on Classic Christmas. And I finish up with Winter Sparkle. The whole video takes place in the entry, and I focus there for two reasons: 1) It makes the first impression! I want my entry to greet people with seasonal cheer, and give a happy holiday feeling to everyone who comes to the front door — neighbors, family, even the UPS delivery guy. And 2) because my mother always did the entry up beautifully. Still to this day, it’s wonderful to visit her home during the holidays and simply walk in the front door.

One Holiday Entry, Three Ways - see the same space, transformed for the holidays, in 3 different styles.

Here are a few of my best tips when you’re putting together your holiday decor:

– To make guests feel really welcome and comfortable, think about the five senses. When they walk in the door, make sure there is something beautiful for them to SEE — a holiday display, a bowl full of ornaments, a garland with lights. Think about what they’ll SMELL as they come in the door. Maybe a scented candle, or something simmering on the stove. Prep a cheery playlist so your guests ears will fill with something wonderful to HEAR. Keep some holiday treats at the ready — peppermint bark, hot cocoa, clementines — so you can offer visitors something to TASTE. And finally, add cozy throw pillows and throw blankets to your seating (and think about extra seating for surprise guests!), so that guests can make themselves comfortable and FEEL at home.

– To make it really magical for the kids, I like to add little surprises for them to discover. Like a woodland creature hidden in the display. Or a little toy wind up toy that they’ll know is meant for them. Or maybe a children’s holiday book to catch their eye.

One Holiday Entry, Three Ways - see the same space, transformed for the holidays, in 3 different styles.

– If you like to keep the holidays homey, I recommend taking inspiration from the Natural Holiday theme in the video. Start by gathering anything beautiful you’ve found outside‚ things like green boughs, pine cones, and a stack of firewood. Then add natural textures like burlap and wool, and rustic accents like a metal bucket to hold your pine boughs. Finish off with candles to add soft light. I love this them because it brings a cabin-y mood to your home.

We’ve celebrated two years in this house, and used nature as our inspiration both years. This place is called The Treehouse for a reason, and nature always looks good here! : )

– When budget is a concern, I like to focus on one color. It’s the most effective way to make a big impact! In the video I focus on red for Classic Christmas, but really you could focus on any color you crave during the holidays.

Pull out anything red you already own in your holiday decorations, then gather red things from around the house (like red books or red boots!), and put them all together in a fun display. Focusing on one color is also a great solution when you’re too busy to spend time thinking about holiday decorations. The color makes all the decisions for you. I should also note, this one color trick also works for parties and gatherings all year long!

One Holiday Entry, Three Ways - see the same space, transformed for the holidays, in 3 different styles.

– Though I have loved all the different decorations we’ve used throughout the years, I definitely think my first instinct for holiday decorating is metallics. Silver and gold. Anything shiny or shimmery or glittery. And that’s what I focused on in the Winter Sparkle section of the video.

I love this look! Pulling all those shiny surfaces together, and adding lots of candlelight or twinkle lights to bounce off their surfaces, makes for a pretty magical mood. I loved adding in my sons’ trombone and trumpet, and also pulling in family photos with frames in silver and gold.

One Holiday Entry, Three Ways - see the same space, transformed for the holidays, in 3 different styles.One Holiday Entry, Three Ways - see the same space, transformed for the holidays, in 3 different styles.

– Whatever your holiday decorating style, Pier 1 has something you’ll love! Their holiday collections are so good — I had the hardest time narrowing down which products I wanted to show in the video. I wanted to show one of everything!

Now it’s your turn. Do you feel like you have a preferred decorating style for the holidays? Or do you like to mix it up like me? Did one of the styles in the video appeal to you the most? Do you bring in any nostaliga to your holiday decorating? Like maybe an ornament from your childhood? I’d love to hear!

P.S. — Here is a small selection of some of my favorite Pier 1 products from the video. From Natural Holiday, don’t miss the Merry Christmas Burlap Banner, the little Hedgehog Ornament, the shimmery Pinecone Garland, and the Oversize Gift Tags.

From Classic Christmas, definitely check out the Sweater Pom Pom Teapot, the light-up JOY Marquee Sign, the Glitter Berry Wreaths, and this Peppermint Creme Scented Candle

From Winter Sparkle, there’s the amazing Capiz Sleigh, the Metallic Ornament Wreath, the Beaded Garland, and this Glitter Candle.

I featured a ton of other Pier 1 products in the videos, so if you’re curious about anything in particular, let me know and I’ll see if I can find the link.


Video by the amazing Gusto Life in Digital.