This is a new-to-me idea and I think it’s smart. Laikonik makes Once-A-Year-Books — a simple, accordion-fold book that helps you chronicle your child’s first 18 years. All you do is insert one photo per year and add a brief description of that year on the corresponding page. They also include a ‘Chatter Book’ which is a small notebook for keeping a record of your child’s first words or funny sayings.

I know it’s not an every-little-detail-of-your-child’s-life approach, but I love that it’s manageable and that the whole thing wraps up into an elegant little package. If I had something like this from Ben Blair’s childhood, with notes hand-written by his mother, I would absolutely treasure it. I imagine the future spouses of my kids would feel the same. A Once-A-Year-Book would make a beautiful baby gift.

Do you keep baby books for your children? I used to be so good at it, but I have gotten progressively worse with each new addition to our family. Do you like this once-a-year-concept? Would you use something like this in addition to, or in place of, the records you already keep?

In case you’re curious, Laikonik is based in Austrialia. I inquired, and yes, they do ship to the US.