I’ve had a whole bunch of great reading nights lately and thought I’d share what’s on my nightstand. In no particular order:

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson.
Do you read The Bloggess? If yes, you already know she is irreverent and not afraid to swear. She’s also one of my long time blogging friends and one of the kindest + funniest people on the planet. This is her debut book, a memoir, and it’s soooo good! The book comes out next month, but it’s already been pre-ordered so many times, I heard it’s on it’s 3rd or 4th printing!

This Is Not the Story You Think It Is… by Laura Munson.
Several weeks ago I linked to an article about a husband telling his wife he didn’t love her anymore, and the wife responding: I don’t buy it. Well, that woman is Laura Munson. She saw my link and sent me a copy of her book, where she tells the whole story in (often hilarious) detail. I could not put this down! It’s a captivating tale and wherever you are in your marriage relationship, I’ll bet it would do you good. It certainly resonated with me!

How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clayton Christensen.
I’m only a short way into this one, but it already has me thinking hard. This is an advance copy (the book comes out in May), and it arrived the same day as Laura Munson’s book. I mention the arrival because I feel like these two books are very different but have similar themes: that you can choose a happy life!

Honestly, I feel like this message is coming my way from many directions right now. It all started when I clicked through an email about A Blog About Love, and since then it’s been book after video after blog post after book telling me: choose to be happy.

It’s a great message, and I’ll take it!

Playful Learning by Mariah Bruehl
Mariah is a super smart lady and great blogger. And this is her knowledge distilled into a really helpful book. If you’re interested in making your time with children especially purposeful and fruitful, this book is perfect! I would also recommend it for anyone that’s considering home schooling. Mariah is so good about how she approaches teaching as a parent.

Best of Organizing by Martha Stewart Living
This is a special edition issue and it’s a really good one! I feel like it has real-life-I-can-implement-this ideas. Cleaning and organizing are on my brain right now. You too? I guess they call it spring cleaning for a reason!

– Lastly, I’m enjoying Entertaining is Fun! by Dorothy Draper. You can read about how I came to own this vintage volume here.

I’d love to hear what’s stacked on your nightstand. Any books you’re loving right now? Have you read any of the books I highlighted? What did you think of them?

P.S. — On a book-related note, my kids saw The Hunger Games movie yesterday and they LOVED it. Plus, they felt super cool seeing it before it was released in the U.S. : ) Will you be seeing it this weekend?