Remember how excited I was to help Olive craft up a Valentine Mailbox? Well. On Saturday, we set out to do just that. But upon reading the mailbox instructions more thoroughly, we realized that Olive was supposed to bring in a plain box and that the class would do their box decorating together. This news was met with sadness across the board. So to cheer everyone up, we used our supplies to make Valentine Bookmarks instead. And Olive will give these out to classmates this year in lieu of traditional notes. Here’s our report:

We cut some heavy cardstock (green/blue and red) to 2.25″ x 6″ strips. That’s a good, comfortable bookmark size, with plenty of space for decoration. On the back, Olive wrote a to/from note.

Then she went to work glueing, glittering and stickering the fronts.

On some she made a decorative border.

Ribbons were attached when the glue was dry. Since our stickers were little word bubbles, on some of the bookmarks, we used the glue to make faces so that they could speak the little Valentine’s messages. So cute!