We’ve been in Denver for a year now and sometimes I’m embarrassed by how little I know the area. So I’ve made a goal to remedy that fact. On Saturday we stopped by the Old Glory Antiques Fair — apparently, it’s a Father’s Day Weekend tradition in our area. We actually arrived just after it ended and spent a lovely hour exploring and visiting with vendors as they packed up their goods.

I really like snapping photos at antique shops. Something about slighty rusty/industrial items always appeal to me.

To encourage myself to explore my new home, I was thinking it would be fun to have a weekly or twice monthly column where I explore a new-to-me event or destination here in Denver (and surrounding area). If you do the same in your town, we could write up blog reports and share our links here. We could call it Love The Place You Live (or something) and get to know our communities better. What do you think? Would a series like this be interesting to you?