Design Mom Book Tour04

By Gabrielle.

Okay you guys. My book launch party was almost a week ago, then I had my first two away-from-home book tour stops on Saturday, and I’ve been dying to report all about them! In fact, while we’re talking about it, you can plan on about one book post a week from now through most of May — I’ll be reporting on the book parties, and talking about upcoming events, and there will be a big giveaway too.

Anyway, the launch party here in Oakland was just amazing. Such a fun night! And what a fantastic experience it was to meet so many readers. It was nothing but grins from me the whole time. I couldn’t believe how many people came out to support me. Just the best feeling in the world.

I can tell you honestly that I only have one regret about the evening: I didn’t hire a photographer for the event! Hah! Oh well, I hope you don’t mind these phone pics to much.

Design Mom Book Tour02


First of all, my sister Jordan and her Oh Happy Day team took care of the decor and it looked terrific! It was big and festive with lots of yellow, yellow, yellow. They even created a 3D oversize version of my book! It’s the coolest. I’m trying to figure out how to ship it to my next party. : )

Design Mom Book Tour03

Ben Blair was the MC, and my friend Michele made the cookies. She’s the pastry chef at Zut!, a restaurant we love in Berkeley, plus our kids go to school together. The cookies were so yummy that they were absolutely gobbled up, and we actually ran out of champagne flutes because we had more guests than expected. Which was a happy surprise!

Design Mom Book Tour05

I signed books the whole time, with a short break for Q&A with Jordan. Something super cute: a few people asked my kids to sign their individual handprints on the front of the book. Adorable!

Design Mom Book Tour01

In the gift bags there were little San Francisco Petit Puzzles by Petit Collage, reversible wrapping paper from Wrappily, colorful socks from Woven Pear, and Oakland Love card sets from Noteify. (For those of you who missed out, don’t despair! I’m setting aside a few gift bag goodies so that I can do a big giveaway on the blog. Watch for it next week.)

Overall, it was simply a wonderful night. The staff at Diesel Books was super helpful, the event was packed, and I LOVED having my kids there. They were a huge help setting up, they handed out gift bags, chatted with guests so I could concentrate on signing books, and restocked refreshments through the evening. They are my favorite people. After the party we all went out for a late dinner. The whole day I felt lucky, lucky, lucky.


Now to the Utah parties. I had two stops in Utah — one at the Deseret Book on University Parkway, and one at the Deseret Book in Fort Union. Both were so much fun! There were lots of attendees and a fun mix of new readers, old friends from college, friends from New York who had moved to Utah, and family too! At the very end, one of my dearest friends from high school, Jandi Jones Gubler, walked in. She doesn’t even live in Utah, but happened to be in town. I about died! What a fantastic surprise.

Design Mom Book Tour06Design Mom Book Tour07

The setup made me smile. There were Design Mom books everywhere, and they made such an impact! Camellia Rowland and Anna Rose Johnson arranged the decor and filled the gift bags. They did a bang-up job. Anna Rose created a fabulous paper diamond backdrop where we could take photos. As a team they were extremely organized and took care of every detail — fresh flowers, a foam-core board (where attendees could list the best or the craziest parenting advice they’d been given), and they handled refreshments too.

Design Mom Book Tour11

Speaking of refreshments, the yummiest part of the Utah events were definitely the Lemon Cake Bites from The Sweet Tooth Fairy! They were so good. I must have eaten twenty over the course of the day.

Design Mom Book Tour08Design Mom Book Tour09

At the first event, Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show co-hosted the party and did a Q&A.  She is hilarious and such a force for positivity. She sent me funny texts that morning, making sure we weren’t wearing matching outfits. At the second event, Emily and Nicole of Small Fry Blog were the co-hosts. Gosh I love those girls. We got right into it talking parenting and screen time.

Design Mom Book Tour12Design Mom Book Tour10

In the gifts bags, guests received Animal Petit Puzzles from Petit Collage, more wrapping paper in neon designs from Wrappily, kid accessories from Hello Shiso, the coolest gloves and booties for babies and toddlers from miniTENS, gold-foil garlands from My Mind’s Eye, doodle books from Start Creative, and a set of luxe Animal Alphabet Cards from GiantSuper.

It was a very very short trip. I returned to Oakland the same night. And then it was nothing but family time for the rest of the weekend. The best! A huge thank you to everyone that came out to the parties, and to everyone who helped put the parties together. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to get to interact — and even have one-on-one conversations — with so many readers. You guys are THE BEST!

P.S. — What’s next? I’m not traveling this week, but I’ll be in Boston & New York next week. Will I see you there? You can find the whole tour schedule here.