By Gabrielle. Photos by Roland Kaiser.

Angie Hiesl’s X-Times People Chair installation brings me giant joy! The artist perches senior citizens three to seven meters above the rest of us, where they simply pretend to go about the business of their ordinary daily lives: folding laundry, reading the newspaper, or having a snack.

To me, this goes far beyond elevating the mundane. I think it makes us re-evaluate the idea of the fragile, delicate elderly, don’t you? They’re brave!

Would your grandparents or parents have said yes if they were asked to participate in an installation like this? When Ben Blair and I lived in Greece, my mother and grandmother (who was in her late 70’s) visited us, and we took a boat to Santorini. Grandma Lucille road a donkey to our hotel that was perched on a cliff! I hope when we’re 70, Ben Blair and I will still be risk-takers.