Cleaning out the medicine cupboard today. Went to a mind-blowing event called Not in My House, where I learned that 1 in 5 teenagers (that’s 20%! of all teens) are getting high with legal, prescription drugs. The drugs that teens are playing around with are extremely serious, but at the same time completely common — things like Vicodin, OxyContin, Ritalin, Xanax. More than 50% of these teens obtained the prescription meds from their very own home. And when the teens combine different drugs (drugs they consider “safe” because they’re legal) the combination can be deadly.

Easiest way to keep this epidemic in check? Talk to your kids. Keep track of your prescription drugs while you’re taking them. And get rid of your unused pills. Period. Want to learn more? Go here to see what the experts say. And go here to see what to do about it.

A part of me wants to ignore this and believe my kids are too little to have to worry about it, but then I thought about how many teenagers I invite into our home for babysitting or other gatherings. Best to make sure the medicine cupboard is empty of anything tempting.

A great (and sobering) event — sponsored by Abbot and the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. I learned much and got a kick in the pants to clean out my cupboards and talk to my kids about this. Bonus. I got to hang out with Jennifer of Snapshot & 5MFM (see her great write ups of the event here and here), as well as Amy of LIParentSource and One Mom’s Memos (see her excellent write up here) — and get a tour of the gorgeous penthouse apartment that hosted the important and informative gathering.

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