By Gabrielle. Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl via MisoSoupDesign.

Do your kids try to sneak their iEverythings to the dinner table? It’s tempting to allow it some nights, especially when you’re in desperate need of adult conversation without interruption! But I worry that it’s a slippery slope; allowing Minecraft once during dinnertime so I can get Ben Blair all to myself for a few minutes could turn into a regular expectation. And I really enjoy the conversations that happen when we’re all away from our electronics. I guess I’ll have to steal away Ben Blair another way.

What are your screen time rules at the table, at home or in a restaurant? (Have you ever seen an entire family on their devices at the same time while dining out? Me, too! And it kind of makes me sad, yet I totally get it.)

P.S. – If I’m out by myself, I admit, I feel more comfortable with my iPhone in hand. The Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl would be more than welcome! How about you? Can you eat in public without catching up with everything happening online?