This post is sponsored by Mattel’s Polly Pocket.

Are you ready to get your nostalgia on? Remember Polly Pocket toys? My oldest daughter, Maude, is 19. She loved playing with Polly Pocket when she was little. I can easily picture her, maybe 6-years old, at a little bench in our family room in New York, deep into an imaginary Polly Pocket adventure,and totally tuned out to the rest of the world.

But my youngest daughter, June, age 8, has never heard of Polly Pocket. So, when the folks at Mattel reached out about a new Polly Pocket line, you should have seen me squeal with delight: Oh! Yeah! Goody!

A picture of Maude and June playing Polly Pocket together instantly popped into my head, and I thought having Maude introduce the toys to June would be something lovely for this big sister and little sister — with 11 years between them — to bond over.

If you’re unfamiliar with Polly, she’s got a sweet little back story: She’s a clever and curious inventor who loves a good adventure. But poor Polly is often told she’s “too little” to do the things she wants to do. Happily, Polly knows that being little isn’t a limitation, it’s her greatest strength. When she inherits a magic locket that allows her to shrink, she embraces her pocket-sized powers and shares them with her best friends. Parents, you can find Polly Pocket episodes on YouTube. : )

Polly Pocket toys come in little cases and compacts reminiscent of 80’s caboodle carriers. But tiny. The latest compact sets in the Polly Pocket line are Aqua-Awesome! Aquarium™, Flamingo Floatie, and the Dance Par-taay!™ Case.

They are designed to be portable so kids can bring them along on their own adventures. There are fun secrets and surprises to find in every compact. And Polly Pocket is totally budget-friendly — the options here are priced from $5 to $18.

Can I just tell you how sweet it was to see these two sisters exploring these new toys together? And discovering the little surprises in the compacts? (Oh! This opens here. And this folds up!) It was super fun for me to see them play together.

It was also cool to see how the toys have improved since Maude was a kid. The new feature that Maude and June are most excited about is called Polly Stick™ — it allows Polly to stick to hotspots throughout the compact. And there are hotspot stickers that come with the toys too, so your kids can place them wherever they want, and Polly will stick to the stickers. The hotspots are awesome! They mean Polly won’t fall out!

Did you play with Polly Pocket as a child? Or did your kids? Do you have any big age gaps between your kids? Have you found good activities for them to bond over?

P.S. — Parents, watch for a Polly Pocket giveaway I’m hosting on Instagram next week.