Nothing better than having a few minutes to explore great new, or new-to-me blogs. Have fun checking out some of my latest favorites.

1) Inchmark
Brooke in Brooklyn launched her lovely blog Inchmark just a few weeks ago. But it is already one of my favorite daily stops. She has such great eyes. Oops! I mean she has such a great eye. : )

2) food+flower+style
This blog belongs to my friends Anna and Liesel. Back in the day, Anna owned a a lovely little flower shop. And she was both a friend and client — I handled all her print design, and if I was lucky, her window displays. Good times. Note: the blog is the companion of their very chic online shop of the same name.

3) We Covet
Great name for a shopping/style/design blog right? And started by two internet superstars, Her Bad Mother and Sweetney. You will want to visit again and again. Because it’s a lovely place.

4) Ambrosia Girl
She showcases her family and interests on a very tidy little blog that appeals to me very much.

5) Three Wheels Turning
Paper and design. What’s not to love?